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IWAYPLUS, originating from the Assistech Lab at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, offers a solution to generate geocoded indoor maps and positioning signature for large indoor spaces such as Hospitals, Airports, Acadmic Campuses, Malls etc. Our technology can help businesses in tracking and managing staff, assets, and crowds. For visitors, IWAYPLUS offers personalized wayfinding assistance to enhance their experience.


We have successfully tested our mapping and navigation solution at 6+ buildings, with 20+ annotators. IWAYPLUS is ready to scale now. Our preliminary trials shows that our wayfinding solution reduces 50% of navigation problems and saved 1000+ hours of patient's and hsopital staffs. Till date, IWAYPLUS has covered 5,00,000 sq. feet of overall area, and 3000+ geocoded indoor landmarks.


The growing infrastructure and services result in a surge of information, causing difficulties in wayfinding, tracking, and delivering services. This is due to several reasons, including inadequate wayfinding signs, the absence of geocoded indoor maps, and the lack of positioning signatures to validate indoor landmarks as GPS is unreliable for indoors. People spend time searching for a desired location and feel stressed, as a result. In a fire evacuation scenario in a high-rise building, our solution can guide individuals to emergency exits and track their positioning inside the building.


IWAYPLUS have developed a mapping tool and have three key differentiators, 1) Custom APIs for offers high resolution geocoded indoor maps, 2) Routing and captioning APIs to support wayfinding, 3) Positioning signature APIs for authentication of digital address. IWAYPLUS do not require global map subscription resulting in lower cost, and offers a seamless multi-floor/multi-building wayfinding to ensure seamless delivery of services.

Market Potential

India's indoor mapping and wayfinding market are expected to grow at ~32% CAGR (Ref. MRFR), driven by structural changes and digital transformation. IWAYPLUS has strategically identified the highest potential and application of mapping in public spaces (~ 70% of TAM size of indoor mapping business spectrum). IWAYPLUS offers a simple pricing model based on venue size. For a high resolution geocoded indoor maps and APIs, organization only pays for mapped area at INR 3 to 5/sq. feet. Although they can opt for a customized services at different price point.


IWAYPLUS have received investment from AIIMS, WHO-SEARO to conduct pilots and generated more than 6 publications. Our IP position is under process. Iwayplus also won the Inclusive city award from the ministry of housing and urban affairs. Recently, won an OCTANE challenge in the GIS category and got acknowledged for investment from STPI. IWAYPLUS is incubated at R & I part in IIT Delhi and have already received expressions of interest from AIIMS Delhi and Jammu for implementation.

We know Accessibility

How many times you find it difficult to locate a washroom, meeting room in a corporate office, exit from a shopping mall, or specific section in a hospital. During our visit to unfamiliar location we found it difficult to access personalized wayfinding information like where do I go? how do I get there?. Failing to get this information can result into stress, anxiety, and confusion. Based on preliminary study data, ~80 % people requires wayfinding assistance in unfamilier spaces and ~20% reported poor wayfinding experience because of miscommunication. Situation is even worse for people with disability.

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The ones who runs IWAYPLUS

Prof Balakrishnan

M. Balakrishnan

Mentor, Technical Development

Prof. M. Balakrishnan is a honorary professor in Computer Science at IIT Delhi and Mentor at IWAYPLUS.

Prof Balakrishnan

P.V.M. Rao

Mentor, Business Development

Prof. PVM Rao is a professor in Department of Design at IIT Delhi and Mentor at IWAYPLUS.


Vikas Upadhyay

Founder, Technical Development

Vikas Upadhyay is a research scholar in School of IT at IIT Delhi and Founder at IWAYPLUS.


Pulkit Sapra

Co-founder, Business Development

Pulkit Sapra is an IIT Delhi graduate and skilled product developer and Co-Founder at IWAYPLUS.


Sunita Negi

Sr. Admin and Finance

Sunita Negi is a electronics postgraduate, leading administrative cum finance activities at IWAYPLUS.


Mishor Patra

Web Application Developer

Mishor Patra is a electronics graduate and Senior web application developer at IWAYPLUS.



UI/UX Designer

Sivaprakasam is a UI/UX profession at IWAYPLUS.

100,000+ Sq. mtr.
Indoor Landmarks
Building Mapped
Projects Done


What we've done

Annotattion tool 
	  to quickly create, update and maintain geo-coded indoor maps at scale
Interactive maps for location based services
Seamless positioning 
	  for localization and authentication of indoor landmarks useful to deliver emergency response and services
Navigation application
Space mannagement
Tracking people and assets
Proximity marketing
Custom APIs for 
	  routing, and tracking  for people, assets and services


Our Skills.

Our primary skill and strenth lies in creating accessible and interactive indoor maps at scale and make them suitable for multifloor and multibuilding navigation by integrating indoor positioning system.

Having decade long expertise in assistive technology domain, Another key strength of our team is the universal design. We skilled to meet the product design requirement for a diverse user group

Indoor Mapping


Positioning System


Wayfinding and Tracking



Choose a pricing plan that fits your needs.

  • Basic
  • Basic Indoor Maps
  • Basic Map data APIs
  • BasicRouting APIs
  • Basic Support
  • 3

    per square feet
  • Pro
  • Interactive Indoor maps
  • CustomMap data and positioning APIs
  • Dedicated Application and CMS
  • Endless Support
  • 5

    per square feet
  • Premium
  • 2.5 D Indoor Maps
  • 15+ Map data and Positioning APIs
  • 3+ Location Based AR Services
  • Endless Support
  • 8

    per square feet


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We are hiring!!!

Job Role 1 : React Native Developer

Job Role 2 : Android Developer

Job Role 3 : Progressive Web App Developer

Job Role 4 : Mapping/GIS Professional


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